I have been stalking her mom...... and they decided to sell her daughter this year instead of retaining her as planned. Soooo- I bought her. As a bonus the buck she was bred to is from another line I stalk (Soaring Heart's Purple Rain)

Sire's sire: Soaring Heart's Marvin Gaye *B (Purple Rain 1/2 brother)

Sire: Soaring Heart's Indigo Blue *B

Sire's dam: Soaring Heart's Pink Cashmere 3*P (Purple Rain daughter)

Dam's sire: Soaring Heart's Quil Ateara V *B

Dam: Dandelion Meadows SHQ Jasmine Rose 2*P

Dam's dam: Dandelion Meadows Penelope Rose *P

all photos below from Dandelion Meadows website

Dam's udder

Dam's Dam udder

Sire's Dam's udder

Sire's Sire's Dam's udder 


Sire's Dam's Grand Dam

Sire's Dam's Dam