I made a website for mom's birds!! It is in need of more current pictures of the non-polish breeds, so will work on that when there is less snow on the ground and the outside temps are above freezing. 

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    My mom, Linda,  LOVES chickens- and about every kind of chicken. She has books, magazines, and several kinds of chicken décor in her home (which is not how her husband would decorate). She is also on a board for Farm Bureau (I'm not sure which one right now) and helps at two of her local fairs. She is the township clerk in her area and has to attend lots of meetings and run elections- so the chickens are her hobby to relax.    




 She lives with my stepdad, John,  on 140 acres where they raise several varieties of hay, natural beef cattle and the chickens (they used to raise meat chickens, turkeys, and pigs too- but it gets to be too much for a "retired" couple). They are very active in their community- and have been (and some they still are- but I'm not sure which ones) on planning boards, zoning boards, church boards, and host several events on their farm each year (Farm Bureau Picnic, Graduations, Celebrations, and even Japanese families for traditional Thanksgivings).   




  Mom's cats, dog, & chickens are quite spoiled (seriously- the barn cats get can food nightly & toys to play with) as they get all her nurturing since all 5 of us kids have left home.  




    She has had chickens for about 15 or 20 years now. She started off with hatchery birds and for the most part has had mainly those for all but the last 2 years. She did have the Polish and Speckled Sussex from good breeders before- but they were not as nice as the ones I've been able to find her once she wanted show birds to help the 4H kids in her area with. For the first 10ish years she just had a huge coop that was split into 2 rooms (one was 1/3 coop. other one 2/3's)- it was an old building (John's grandmother's coop). About 6 or 7 years ago John put another wall up so it was big 3 rooms (center one a bit bigger than the others). About 5 years ago I helped her split the center room and put 2 breeding pens in the front room (rest of that room was the brooders, feed bins, and supplies) John was sad- because it was a "hillbilly looking set up" that was suppose to get redone sooner than it did. In 2013 I started selling my tolbunts (and had gotten her nice birds and was selling chicks and her less nice stock off) and we used that money to gut the coop and build better pens, we tore down the old wall and replaced it with a chicken wire wall now for better air current through the coop. It now hosts 9 pens (3 big, 3 medium, 3 small), and 2 big "hallway" areas that babies can spill into if they get crowded..... but only supplies, feed, and stackers are suppose to be in.