This little beauty comes from a solid show line with a bonus of nice udders. very excited to see how she develops and what she will be bringing to the herd.  Sin's Dam, Snowflake Obsidian, on the 2020 1-day milk test top 10 list was - #3 in TP, #5  in BF wt, and #7 in BF % 

Sin is only a few weeks fresh and her twins are on her currently. She is learning stand manners still and enjoying the grain there. I can not get a great picture of her udder- it is VERY pretty shaped!! She has nice "show" teats currently- which means they are not as easy to hand milk as my big wide teat girls. She gets a good stream going -but with my giant man hands- it can be harder to get a good grip on her delicate parts.....  we are starting to try a milk machine with her. 


   Blackberry's Snowflake Obsidian *P

   DS: VCH Blackberry's Moon Man 

   DD: Blackberry's Jackie


Sire: Blackberry's BH Vanquish *B

    SS: Blackberry's Houdini

    SD: VFMCH Dancing Goat Garden Seagal 2*P

BIS/ Grand Champion

1st freshening udder

Parents and Grandparents

                          Udder & Show pictures below used by permission from CA Blackberry's  (Green Eggers )

Fall 2020 V-show entry