I really liked Juliet and although I would have loved to have her- getting her across country didn't work out. So I got the next best thing I could- her twin girls out of her and Moon Man. I decided to freshen them and pick keeper off of udder. 

2-Socks is a bit attention seeking. She LOVES people and refuses to learn manners..... she still climbs on me and pets me back with her little hooves. She has a HUGE personality for such a little goat.

2-Socks freshened with a STELLAR udder!! As did her twin Spacey! I ended up picking 2-Socks off of favorite personality of the 2 and better orifice size (stronger milk streams) Spacey had a little better teat diameter for a first freshener though (narrower). 2-Socks has a very nice high, wide, & tight udder with excellent attachments. She could have a stronger medial attachment, so we will be careful to take her to boys that may help out there. She has good orifices and strong milk streams so she milks out quickly!! Her teat size is good for hand or machine milking, however I do question if teats will be wider than I prefer in a few freshenings- so that will be another consideration too with picking breeding pairings for her. She produces a decent amount of milk and I look forward to getting the herd back on milk testing in 2023 as I think she should earn a star!!

above, below, and Left:

1st Freshening udder