Bowie has been sold and moved up north. 

Bowie was born here and I never planned to keep him- but then I decided I should breed him to Damsel, she had other ideas so we will see who her kids are out of. 

Bowie comes from two very dairy lines of Mini Nubians whose breeders based their lines off of their milk production. 

Bowie's maternal grand-dam does have her milk star(*P), as does his maternal grand-sire's dam (2*P). Bowie's maternal grand-dam was in MDGA's 2018 top 5 for % Butterfat (#3). I am hoping to get his dam's milk star this year

Bowie's paternal grand-dam has her milk star(3*P), as does her dam (2*P), and his paternal grand-sire's dam (*P). Bowie's paternal grand-dam was in MDGA's 2018 top 5 for "Lbs. of Fat"(she was #5).

Sire: Green Gables World Greatest Marxman *B 

Dame: Foggy Fork Farm Cascading Monsoon 2*P