I love this little lady!! Her dam's line has lovely personalities, milk genetics, and show well. Her sire produces stellar kids in show and milk bucket. I can't wait to see how she matures to see how well these lines crossed- so far looking good! I waited too long to keep a 2nd daughter out of Damsel!!

Her dam- Damsel on the 2020 305 day milk test top 10 list was #4 in BF % and on the 2021 305 day milk test top 10 list was #10 in Milk wt, #6 in BF wt, & #3 in BF % 


In the 2020 305 day milk test top 10 list- Damsel's dam, Silver Moon Shadow, was #4 in BF wt, and #6 in BF %. In the 2019 top 5 list- Damsel's mom was #4 in BF %!!

Her sire's Paternal Gr-Dam, SR's Naomi *Pon the 2018 1-day milk test top 5 list was - #1  in Points, #1 in Lbs of Milk, and #3 in BF % 

 Dam's udder & Dam's family's udders

 Sire's family's udders

Maternal Sister's Udder

 Paternal Sisters' udders