Starry is my son's favorite goat. 

his dam Firefly is my favorite girl goat. And her dam Damsel is my husband's favorite goat. His sire Hawkeye was my overall favorite goat... so we had to keep him. :) 

This line is dripping with personality and clownish goats that behave well on the milk stand and in the yard!! 

Not to mention milk stars, milk awards, and lots of finished champions in his extended pedigree! 

His sire Hawkeye's dam was in MDGA's 2018 top 5 for "Lbs. of Fat"(she was #5).  His only freshened daughter, Tilly, was on the 2020 305 day milk test top 10 list and was #2 in BF %, as well as the 2021 305 day milk test top 10 list was #4 in BF wt & #1 in BF %.

His Grand Dam- Damsel was on the 2020 305 day milk test top 10 list was #4 in BF % and on the 2021 305 day milk test top 10 list was #10 in Milk wt, #6 in BF wt, & #3 in BF % 

 In the 2020 305 day milk test top 10 list- Damsel's dam, Silver Moon Shadow, was #4 in BF wt, and #6 in BF %. In the 2019 top 5 list- Damsel's mom was #4 in BF %!!

His grandsire Remmy is one of my favorite goats- out of one of my favorite crosses (I kinda hoard relations of this cross) he really puts excellent breed character on his kids as well as fabulous ear set & width. 

As a major plus Remmy's litter sister Maggie (Magma) has her VMCH, 5*P, and was on the MDGA 305 day top 10 in 2 categories and on the 2021 MDGA 1-day top 10!!

His Great Grand sire VMCH GG Spice of Freedom +*B (Dash's dad)

is another of my favorite goats and I am glad to add more of his genetics in my barn  as well!! 

Sire- Green Gables World Greatest Marxman *B 

Dam- Mosaic's Feisty Firefly 3*P

Starry's dam's Udder

Dam's Sire's dam

Starry's Paternal Sister's Udder

Dam's dam

Starry's sire Hawkeye's family udders

Starry's Maternal Aunts (Dam's Paternal sisters)