This little beauty comes from a solid nubian and mini nubian show lines with a bonus of nice udders. She is line bred for SG Urban Acres Charmng Troubadour+*B as both of her grand-dams are his daughters. I am very excited to see how she develops and what she will be bringing to the herd.  

Moo's udder does lack in medial support, but her other attachments are very nice is the shape of the rear udder. She milks out better on the milk machine but can be hand milked fairly easy. 

Moo was on the 2021 MDGA 305 day milk test top 10 list as #6 in BF %.

Moo's Dam, Chapter One, on the 2020 1-day milk test top 10 list was #2 in BF % 

Dam: Blackberry's UDP Chapter One *P

       DS: Udder Delight Prologue (Nigerian Dwarf)

       DD: GCH Urban Acres TB Mustang Sally 5*M (05-06 EX90 EEEE) (PB Nubian)

Sire: Blackberry's BH Speedster

        SS: Blackberry's Houdini 

        SD: GCH Urban Acres TB Cayman 4*M (06-04 EX90 VEEE) (PB Nubian)

1st freshening udder

2 months fresh

3 weeks fresh

2nd Freshening udder

        2 weeks fresh

 2nd Freshening udder

Parents & GrandParents

                         Udder/goat pictures below used by permission from CA Blackberry's  (Green Eggers)