I have big hopes for this little lady!! She has FABULOUS lines on both sides of her pedigree and I really hope she meets her potential. She is currently gangly and will have to keep growing into herself. 

Her dam, Moo, was on the 2021 MDGA 305 day milk test top 10 list as #6 in BF %.


Moo's Dam, Chapter One, on the 2020 1-day milk test top 10 list was #2 in BF % 

Her sire's Paternal Gr-Dam, SR's Naomi *Pon the 2018 1-day milk test top 5 list was - #1  in Points, #1 in Lbs of Milk, and #3 in BF % 

Dam's udder

 dam's info:

Dam's dam's udder

Dam's Grand-dams

  GCH Mustang Sally 5*M EX90 EEEE
  &   GCH Caymen 4*M EX90 VEEE

 Dam's grand dams both daughters of Troubadour- his progeny (including grand dams) pictured below

Sire's dam's udder

Paternal 1/2 sister

                                 has milk star

Paternal 1/2 sister