Tilly has done well at virtual and live shows so far. 2021 Spring V-Show Tilly got Reserve Champion in ring 1.  she has gotten multiple 1st places in several virtual shows - including several with best udder in class. Her only live show so far she got Grand Champion and best udder in Mini Nubian class.  

She had a nice show udder and nice "show" teats as a first freshener- which means they are not as easy to hand milk as my big wide teat girls. Her second freshening udder has been much easier to hand milk from. She produces alot of milk and has a nice strong stream. Tilly on the 2020 305 day milk test top 10 list was #2 in BF %. Her Dam, Monsoon, on the 2020 305 day milk test top 10 list was #2 in BF wt & #1 in BF %.

She is the beloved "baby" of the doe herd, as well as by our livestock guardian dog Furrball. I love the possibilities of how her udder genetics and milk genetics are and hope to see something special out of her with the cross that made her. Tilly comes from two very dairy lines of Mini Nubians whose breeders based their lines off of their milk production. 

Tilly's maternal grand-dam does have her milk star(*P), as does her maternal grand-sire's dam (2*P). Tilly's maternal grand-dam was in MDGA's 2018 top 5 for % Butterfat (#3). Her dam has her milk star. 

Tilly's paternal grand-dam has her milk star(3*P), as does her dam (2*P), and her paternal grand-sire's dam (*P). Tilly's paternal grand-dam was in MDGA's 2018 top 5 for "Lbs. of Fat"(she was #5).

Sire: Green Gables World Greatest Marxman *B 

Dame: Foggy Fork Farm Cascading Monsoon 2*P 

FF udder 

2nd freshening udder

Fall 2020 V-show entry