Sprinkles might not have all the top ten milk test awards behind her that many of my other girls do- but her dam, Pandi, does have the highest and best attached udder in the herd (Sin's is prettier shaped, but farther from her vulva). Sire, Sid, is out of one of the nicest attached udders at Homeward Bound per his breeder. and his sire's dam is a VMCH girl at Green Gables (Magma- aka Maggie) that has a lovely udder as well (and grandma Maggie has been on MDGA top 10 - She has her VMCH, 5*P, and was on the MDGA 305 day top 10 in 2 categories and was on the MDGA 305 day top 10 in 2 categories and on the 2021 MDGA 1-day top 10!!) 

Sprinkles shows improved length of body to her dam and I am looking forward to seeing how she shows and most importantly- how her udder looks!!

Dam's FF udder

Sire's family's udders

Dam's Family's Udders