Tessa is a very pretty girl, her rump is a little steeper than I would like to see- but she has great length, width, and depth of body! Really good brisket and width between her rear legs are nice perks too. She also has great ears- which you can't milk.... but it is a part of our breed standard so should be considered too. I cannot wait to see her udder!!

Her dam, Countess, has a very nice high, wide, & tight udder with excellent attachments; as do her dam and grand-dams.

Her sire's dam, HBK's Pippi Longstockingon the 2019 1-day milk test top 5 list was - #3 in BF % 

Dam's dder

 Sire's paternal sister's udder

 Sire's dam's & 

Sire's Sire's Dam's udders

Paternal 1/2 sister's udder

                                 has milk star

Dam's family udders