ummm.... I love Sin's udder and conformation.... 

so I have kept her daughter every year.

 I think at some point I will keep a son too!

Opal is still growing and some days looks great and some days she is just a gangly girl- looking forward to seeing her mature and her FF udder!!

 Her sire Count's Dam, HBK's Pippi Longstockingon the 2019 1-day milk test top 5 list was - #3  in BF %.  

Her dam Sin was on the 2021 MDGA 305 day milk test top 10 list was #7 in BF wt & #4 in BF %. Sin's Dam, Snowflake Obsidian, on the 2020 1-day milk test top 10 list was - #3 in TP, #5  in Milk WT, and #7 in BF %. Her Sire's dam, VFMCH Seagal 2*P, was on the 2018 top 5 list placing #5 in TP and #4 in Milk WT. 

Dam: VMCH Blackberry's BV Pure Black Obsidian 2*P 


Sire: Breezy Shores Farm Count Chocolate *B

Dam's udder and dam's family udders

Sire's family udders