This little beauty comes from a solid show line with a bonus of nice udder shapes and production. Sin was on the 2021 MDGA 305 day milk test top 10 list was #7 in BF wt & #4 in BF %. Sin's Dam, Snowflake Obsidian, on the 2020 1-day milk test top 10 list was - #3 in TP, #5  in Milk WT, and #7 in BF %. Her Sire's dam, VFMCH Seagal 2*P, was on the 2018 top 5 list placing #5 in TP and #4 in Milk WT. 

Sin has done great at live shows and virtual shows- including several Best in Show and best udder awards. Her udder is VERY pretty shaped, but it is sometimes hard to show that in pictures!! She has nice smaller diameter teats that show well, with enough lenght that they are easy to milk now (was a bit of a struggle the 1st year!)

Dam: Blackberry's Snowflake Obsidian *P

   DS: VMCH Blackberry's Moon Man +*B

   DD: Blackberry's Jackie



Sire: Blackberry's BH Vanquish *B

    SS: Blackberry's Houdini

    SD: VFMCH Dancing Goat Garden Seagal 2*P

1st Freshening Udder

2nd Freshening Udder

1st Freshening Udder

2nd Freshening Udder

2nd Freshening Udder

3rd Freshening Udder

Parents and Grandparents

                                    Udder & Show pictures below used by permission from CA Blackberry's  

Dam- "Snow"

Sire's Dam- Seagal

Sire- Vanquish